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Empowering Athletes X Engaging Fans

The OpenLocker Digital Collectible & PFP platform is uniquely positioned at the intersection of fans and athletes. We use innovative digital collectibles to connect, engage and reward loyal fans, and open doors to revenue opportunities for athletes. Unlike conventional NIL deals, OpenLocker athletes receive the lion’s share of revenue from sales and have direct participation in the creation of their digital assets and collectibles.

By utilizing the Flow blockchain, the OpenLocker proprietary NFT platform is environmentally-friendly, eliminates gas fees and offers a seamless fan experience. In addition to revenue-sharing, OpenLocker opens additional opportunities for athletes to increase their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) earning potential with additional collectibles (physical and digital), strategic partnerships, community building and rewards for fans.

To fulfill its mission of building athlete’s digital currency and ensuring fair compensation in the new era of college NIL and rise of sports NFTs, OpenLocker pays athletes a majority of proceeds from initial sales of their NFTs and royalties from trading activity on its secondary marketplace. The company also uses blockchain technology to authentic athletes’ digital collectibles and engage fans with challenges, rewards, exclusive merchandise and gated access to exclusive events.